Creating jewelry for strong, confident woman who appreciated clean lines and a classic look without blending in.


I’m Ali, the designer and maker behind The Silversmith Jewelry. I believe that your jewelry isn’t just an accessory that goes with the latest outfit and passing trend but that it also holds the memories and stories of your life.

​I remember when I was little seeing my mother spin her wedding ring around her finger. That was the one piece of jewelry that she never took off. On special occasions she would let my sisters and I raid her jewelry box and pick out pieces to wear. Pieces that my father gave her, pieces that she got from her mother, pieces from her travels, and pieces that she just loved. Now, 35+ years later, she still spins that ring and my sisters and I still raid her jewelry box.

That ring, those memories, and you are part of what inspired me to design the way I do. With the idea that these intimate sculptures will be given to and received by the ones we love several times over. Each interaction with it creating and holding your new memory or experience. Sometimes that experience is as grand as a wedding other times it is the time you visited Asheville for the weekend. No matter which moments it represents it becomes a part of our story. It tells the world who you are and reminds you of the journey along the way.

Search my collections and see where your journey takes you.