Winter Weddings in Asheville

The weather has a bit of a crisp in the air, the days are shorter, and the leaves are thinking of changing to beautiful jewels.  It is a time of spending time with loved ones and focusing on what is most important. For some, it is about joining hands in marriage. There is something really wonderful about fall and winter weddings. There are less of them so it is easier to gather your friends and family for the momentous occasion. Not to mention less competition for the best vendors so you can make sure it is just perfect. The color palette is beautiful with earthy tones for fall and stark colors in the winter. 
Although beautiful and exciting, planning a big old party is hard work. There are a lot of opinion that might get involved and distract you. There is a lot of money involved. And a lot of decision that need to be made. It is probably one of the more stressful experiences a couple goes through up to this point in their relationship. 
The best 2 pieces of advise I ever heard was 
“know what is important to you”. That way you know what to focus your time and budget on. If you don’t really care about the dress but you do care about the photographer then you should know that before spending half the budget on a dress.
“Only fight for what matters”. There are so many decisions that need to be made. If you don’t NEED the chairs to be white and your partner really wants the wood colored ones then get the wood colored ones. You guys are planning on being together for a long time. Don’t fight over the small stuff. 
A few other bits of advise are to have a plan, stay in your budget, start thing earlier than you think- there will always be last minute stuff to do, and take a breath. 
If you are planning to come to Asheville, NC (one of the top wedding destinations) I have a few ideas/resources for you. 
Jewelry is a great idea for wedding party gifts. Feel free to contact me about personalized sets-
Fun “guest gifts” for cooler weather are customized mugs. Check out Ashley at
An amazing wedding photographer is Joseph Dix.
JDix Wedding Photography
Check out Air BnB for lodging options. Some of my favorites are-
And of course I can help with the wedding set too
Wedding set by The Silversmith Jewelry

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